Critical Care Coach

One of the founding beliefs of our Association, as outlined in our Mission Statement, is that in pursuit of our passion, riding, we would give back to the community in which we live. We are therefore rolling out this concept to the public in hopes of support from private citizens and business owners alike.

Slave Lake is a relatively small community and as such cannot offer cancer support or diagnostic services which are typically available in the larger centres such as Edmonton. Public transport is impersonal, unreliable and costly. The isolation of our community presents complexities to receiving critical care the critical care patient should not have to deal with.

What we of the NGMA intend to accomplish is the purchase of a passenger van that is comfortably outfitted to transport patients and their families if need be to and from the treatment centres. We realize this is a grand scheme, and have therefore set a five year time frame for its accomplishment.

The NGMA will raise monies through various fund raising drives that all revolve around our motorcycles. However we will be relying upon the public and business owners to help us achieve this noble goal. During this riding season and in the subsequent years the members of our association will be canvassing local business owners and private citizens for donations and support. Of course monetary donations will be accepted, we are also looking for support in the provisioning of fuel, maintenance and supply of drivers.

These will become necessary once the van has been purchased and becomes operational. Once the vehicle has been purchased we are hoping that some local business would take over the operation and maintenance of the van.

Our inaugural fund raiser ride is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th and if last year’s cancer run is an indication of what we can raise during a single event of this type, then the five year goal becomes a realistic objective. This single event will not be the sole fund raising happening but a percentage of the funds raised from all of our planned events will go into the “Critical Care Coach” fund.

After lengthy discussions between ourselves and a small business financial manager on the various types of accounts, we have come to the conclusion we will go with a fixed term GIC. The funds in this account will be locked in for a set period of time (yearly blocks) and inaccessible except on the maturity of the time frame. As with our association accounts, access is only by means of three signing officers, thereby ensuring total security. Our intent is for complete security and total transparency for all donators. Our soon to be operational website will track donators and possibly amounts on a graphical representation of a money thermometer that will visually represent our progress toward the end goal of $100,000.00.

So this is our vision for the caring for our Critical Care Patients in our community. It is an ambitious goal, but I believe in our members, the residents and business owners of our community in seeing it through to fruition.

For more information on how you may assist us in achieving our goal please use our Contact Us page.


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